With corporate name of "Canora Heavy Industries Corp.",

Canora Weaving and Manufacturing was founded in 1990,

operating as a tarp manufacturing and repair shop

occupying 900 square feet in the back of a hardware store

in Canora, SK.

It has come a long way since that modest start.

The company started producing strapping in 1999 using one

weaving machine, and continued to operate in limited space

until 2006 when it acquired a closed school in Canora, and

moved its operation into 22,000 square feet of space, all of

which is now being used for weaving and manufacturing.

The company now operates three high speed Jakob Müller

needle looms, producing custom strapping in widths from

half inch to 2 inches, from morning till night. And a large high-ceiling open area allows to produce even the largest coverings, including building covers well over 100 feet in length.

Canora Weaving and Manufacturing is committed to provide excellent quality products with a quality workmanship which makes it a major supplier to a number of different industries. Consistent quality and the ability to meet customer’s requirements have been our core values from the day of inception and its these core values which makes us a preferred supplier for a number of companies.

General Manager Quentin Weinbender and Marketing Manager Robeel Rao have more than 15 years experience in this industry and they invite you to contact them to discuss your custom weaving or covering requirements.

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About Canora Weaving & Manufacturing

811 4th Street, Canora SK Canada
Canora Weaving & Manufacturing

Tel 306.563.4443