Everything we make, we make to order.

When it comes to a well-made, custom fit cover for either

your industrial or recreational equipment, we can provide

customized solutions to all your covering needs.

In these times where there is a lot of emphasis on mass-

production, we manufacture covers which are tailor made

to your needs so that the cover fits the equipment

perfectly every time. In our business, there are no stock

items of the products we manufacture.

Boat covers is one of the examples of custom covers we

manufacture. From a custom-made Snap-On cover to

travel covers for your boats, Canora Weaving & Manufacturing does it all. We offer a special waterproof fabric for all types of boat covers which protects your boats from all the elements. All the patterns are made to custom fit your boat.

Besides recreational covers, we also manufacture different kinds of covers for industrial and agricultural equipment as well.
If it needs to be covered, we will be happy to measure it, make a pattern, and provide you with the appropriate tarp that will last you for many years. We custom-make tarps of all types for customers all over western Canada.

Call us or email us and let us know what you need covered, and we would be more than 
happy to provide you with our recommendations and pricing.

custom covers

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