The production of polyester strapping was the original line of business for Canora Weaving & Manufacturing, and while we have expanded into other related work, it still continues to be our core business.

We custom-make white strapping in widths from half an inch to 2 inches with certified strengths, produced according to the client's specifications and the end use. High tenacity multi filament polyester yarn is used which imparts our strapping with a very high tensile strength.

Our strapping is recognized for its extremely good sewability, which is important when it is used to reinforce fabric used in the fabric-covered building industry. It is also renowned for its high durability owing to the high quality raw material we use.

The custom strapping we produce can be attached to any hardware according to customer’s specifications for a number of applications. For example our strapping is used in fabric building industry as tie- down straps to hold the buildings down.

We can cut strapping automatically to lengths up to 7 feet and seal the ends to prevent fraying, and our cutter is the only one in Saskatchewan that can do angle cuts. The angle cuts are used to make V-shaped tabs to hold D-rings, providing more width for added strength where it is sewn onto fabric.

We have been supplying strapping products to a number of companies in many industries including logistics, food processing, fabric building and livestock industries.

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