and that's not all.

We also do repairs

to tarps of all kinds,

and provide parts.

Everything we make, we make to order

We can meet your exact needs when it comes to strapping, tarps and covers.

We are the major supplier of strapping in western Canada, custom-weaving it to meet our customers' specific requirements. In addition to this, we manufacture roll-top tarps for grain haulers, install complete new units, and carry most major parts in stock.

We also make covers for recreational and industrial equipment, do tarp repairs of all sorts, and make fabric building covers to manufacturer's specifications.

Call or email us, and let's talk about your specific requirements and how we can meet your needs.

811 4th Street, Canora SK Canada
Canora Weaving & Manufacturing

polyester straps

The production of polyester strapping was the original line of business for Canora Weaving & Manufacturing, and while we have expanded into other related work, it still continues to be our core business.

Custom covers

When it comes to a well-made, custom fit cover for either your industrial or recreational equipment, we can provide customized solutions to all your covering needs. Our covers are tailor made to your needs so that they fit perfectly every time.

Truck tarps

A well-made tarp, properly fastened, can provide protection from adverse weather, wind, sunshine and other natural factors.

From two ton trucks to Super B grain trailers, we can manufacture tarps for all.

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