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CWTM's Own In-House Replacement Tarps

Viking Armour™

Custom Truck & Ag Tarps by CWTM

Tired of waiting for an OEM ordered tarp?

In most cases, your Viking Armour tarp is ready for installation as soon as the next business day! Viking Armour™ tarps are all in house manufactured for a custom fit for your truck, trailer or grain cart. We always include 100% heat sealing and hoop/ridgepole reinforcements as well as add an extra UV treated double stitched perimeter - just for an extra layer of protection. Center rods if applicable to your tarp style, are inserted into heat sealed pockets and padded end caps to guarantee the center rod will not protrude within the tarps normal lifespan.

Our replacement tarps are designed to outlast all others in the harsh prairie climate. Viking Armour™ tarps are available in 20.5 oz, 22 oz and 28 oz PVC fabrics for a long lifespan, and are always available in Blue, Black, White and Grey. With over 20 other colors by special order! 

Do you need a tarp or custom fitting cover for something else? Let us know, we do much more than just truck and ag tarps. CWTM can cover almost anything you have! From boats to gazebos and engine covers. We can make it for you.

We have the space and capability to produce up to 8 Sets of Super-B Tarps at the same time. Allowing for much less down time waiting for a replacement tarp. We can install it for you, or we can supply all the parts needed to install it yourself.

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