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Trails in Tall Grass

Our Truck Tarps

Canora Weaving & Tarp Manufacturing is a proud authorized dealer of Michel's, Shur-Co, Donovan, and Viking Armor. Explore our inventory below and feel free to contact us if you’re looking for something you don't see here.


Michel's Industries

Michel's Industry is based out of St. Gregor, SK. With their products, we produce and install all kinds of tarps. Click the Michel's Industries logo to see more Information.


Genuine Shur-Co

Shur-Co is an International truck tarp Brand.  As well as another supplier that Canora Weaving works will to repair/produce tarps. Click the Shur-Co logo to see more Information.



Donovan is a Sister Company to Shur-Co. We work with Donovan to produce Tarps for Labor Industries (construction, mining, electrical, etc.) Click the Donovan Logo to See more Information

Viking Armor

Viking Armor is a Sister Company to Canora Weaving & Tarp Manufacturing. Click on the Viking Tarp logo to see more information.

Viking Armor 2.png
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