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All of Your Custom Webbing Needs

CWM in house manufactures bulk polyester webbing in a variety of widths and breaking strengths. Our webbing can be used for anything from a general purpose tie down to heavy duty straps. Our webbing is used in some of the industry leading fabric building and greenhouse products as well as cargo securement and grain bags. CWM also carries all of your common accessories including ratchets, buckles, hooks, e-track clips and more. Wholesale and direct consumers are welcome! Contact us for product pricing based on your specifications.

Polyester Webbing Manufactured in House

We custom make webbing in widths from 1/2" to 2" in grades from utility to heavy duty. Cut to custom lengths from 6" up to 5000 feet and more. We mostly specialize in polyester, but can also produce polypropylene webbing. Proudly made to order right here in Canora, Saskatchewan! Live local, shop local.

Webbing and Tie-Down Products

Our webbing is only produced in white. We offers a variety of widths and grades of webbing, listed below!


1/2" Webbing

Our 1/2" webbing is used for the meat slings that we produce.

1/2" is only produced to utility grade. this webbing's break strength is 1,500 lbs.


1 1/2" Webbing

Our 1 1/2" webbing is used to make D-Rings.

1 1/2" is only produced to heavy-duty grade. Heavy-duty webbing's break strength is 6,000 lbs.


Utility                        Heavy-Duty

1" Webbing

Our 1" webbing is used for

1" is produced to utility and heavy-duty grade. Utility webbing's break strength is 2,200 lbs. heavy-duty webbing's break strength is 4,800 lbs.


Utility                        Heavy-Duty

2" Webbing

Our 2" webbing is used for 

2" is produced to utility and heavy-duty grade. Utility webbing's break strength is 4,400 lbs. heavy-duty webbing's break strength is 8,000 lbs.

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