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About Us

It's always good to understand where a company comes from. Canora Weaving & Tarp has been ever-evolving. Brad Kaye and Amanda Bushell have been the owners of the shop since the previous owner, Quentin Weinbender, passed away.

Wheat Field

Company History     

Originally founded in 1990, Canora Weaving and Manufacturing began operations as a tarp manufacturing and repair shop that occupied 900 square feet in the back of a hardware store in Canora, Saskatchewan. Canora Weaving has come a long way since that modest start.


In 1999, Canora Weaving & Manufacturing acquired a high speed needle loom machine, and started producing custom strapping to supply local food processing facilities.


In 2006, Canora Weaving & Manufacturing acquired a much larger facility in order to expand its operations. It would now operate in approximately 20,000 square feet of space. Now allowing the manufacturing of tarps of any size, shape or material. Shortly after moving into the new space, Canora Weaving & Manufacturing upgraded and added 2 more high speed needle loom machines, allowing the production of even more custom polyester strapping, in multiple widths and strengths. Now producing product from ½” to 5” widths, allowing for the expansion of their products into many more industries and markets.


In 2021, Canora Weaving & Manufacturing took on new owners, but kept all of the same great staff and changed the companies name to Canora Weaving & Tarp Manufacturing. With a new view on expanding the products offered, there will be much success to come.


To this day, Canora Weaving & Tarp Manufacturing is committed to providing high quality products, with exceptional workmanship and lightning-fast turnaround. We continue to supply local and international farmers, trucking companies, food processing facilities, and some of North Americas largest fabric building manufacturers.

        We Set the Standards!

Canora Weaving & Tarp has 30+ years of experience with both manufacturing and installing truck tarps and custom covers. You can rest assured that your load, watercraft, or cover will be safe for years to come. Manufacturing and repairing to optimally last is our duty!

Why Choose Us?

By Choosing to Operate with Canora Weaving & Tarp Manufacturing, you are supporting local business! We will ensure all your needs are met to a satisfactory standard, every time, guaranteed!

We Offer:

  • Competitive Pricing

  • 24 Hour Tarp Repairs

  • All Necessary Hardware

  • Lightning Fast Repairs

  • Unlimited Custom Options

We Have:

  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

  • Been Locally Owned and Operated

  • Best Warranty Around

  • Been a Proud Michel's Dealer Since 1991

  • 30+ Years of Industry Experience

Our Honors

As a company that is accredited by the BBB Saskatchewan, Canora Weaving & Tarp embodies integrity, advertises honestly, honors promises, protects client privacy, and ensures responsiveness, truth, and transparency. Our business is built on these standards to provide quality for all of our customers.

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